Here is an outline of the main researches carried out in the last years. More details can be found in the single pages and, if you are interested, in the publications page.

Acoustics of rupestrian churches
This research was funded by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Puglia and was aimed at characterizing the acoustic behaviour of rupestrian churches and finding possible correlations with Byzantine liturgy and singing. In addition the study will contribute to make this important (and largely unknown) cultural heritage more easily available to the public by means of an internet site which will present several "virtual" tours of the selected churches involving also audio effects. (Visit the dedicated website)

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Church acoustics
This research project was funded in 2003 and 2005 by two PRIN (research project of national interes) by Italian Ministry of University. The acoustic characteristics of more than 30 churches distributed throughout Italy were investigated. The effect of volume, geometry, materials and architectural style was studied. An interesting model to predict energy-based acoustic parameters as a function of source-receiver distance was derived. Recent developments involved the study of sound absorption due to audiences and congregations, an important instrument to design acoustically better churches.

Comfort conditions in large commercial buildings

This research was funded by INAIL and aims at understanding comfort conditions of workers in large commercial buildings. Both subective and objective measurements have been carried out in order to analyze thermal, visual and acoustic comfort under different conditions and seasonal variations.

Noise in office buildings

This research project was funded in 1998 by a PRIN (research project of national interes) by Italian Ministry of University. The effects of noise due to HVAC systems and office machines, was studied during a field survey, in order to find the noise indices which best represent subjective response to noise. Several noise indices were measured: A-weigthed levels (LeqA, LA10, LA90), loudness levels(LLz, LLs), and noise criteria (NC, PNC, NCB, NR, RC, RC Mark II). Subjective responses were obtained using a questionnaire with validated scale of annoyance, loudness, and dissatisfaction. 

Theatre acoustics

This research was funded by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and aimed at characterize the acoustics of the theatres belonging to the "Rete dei Teatri Storici Pugliesi" (network of historical Apulian theatres). The study determined the quality of the surveyed theatres with reference to different usages (music, opera, speech) and pointed out possible solutions to improve their quality.